Protected Land

W Diamond Ranch

Conservation Easement

Located about 20 miles southwest of Prescott near the unincorporated town of Skull Valley, the W Diamond Ranch affords sweeping views of Kirkland Peak towering above rich bottom lands with lush riparian vegetation. Rolling hillsides dotted by artesian springs flourish with native grasses, mesquite, hackberry, desert willow, oak, manzanita, and mountain mahogany.

Skull Valley rancher Dave Jenner began assembling smaller ranches in the 1950s to create the W Diamond, containing a total of  4,296-acre deeded acres. Dave had the vision to place his ranch under the protection of an agricultural conservation easement with the Central Arizona Land Trust in 2007.

In return for donating the easement to the Central Arizona Land Trust, Jenner received federal tax benefits specific to conservation easements, along with the peace of mind that his ranch, including its rich bottomlands and water resources, will forever remain intact.

In June 2015, the ranch sold to the Haverfield Family Trust. Vern Haverfield and Claudette (Haverfield) Johnson were delighted to buy the ranch after admiring it for some time. Today, Claudette continues running the ranch as a cattle operation, now called the Seven Spear Ranch.

The property is not open to public access. Please respect the rights of the landowner.