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Orme Ranch Forever

Orme Ranch Forever

On August 8, 2023 the Orme Family announced the establishment of a Conservation Easement on nearly 1,000 acres of their historic Orme Ranch property in Yavapai County, Arizona.

The conservation easement was facilitated by a unique collaboration between Central Arizona Land Trust and Arizona Land and Water Trust, which will permanently conserve historic ranch lands for sustainable agricultural uses, preventing development while ensuring water and land resources protection along Ash Creek and in Arizona’s central highlands.

“The Orme Family has long embraced land and water conservation for five generations, and this effort will help protect agricultural working landscapes in central Arizona for many generations to come,” said Paul Orme, President of Orme Ranch.

This opportunity was made possible by the 2018 Department of Agriculture Farm Bill

Among those collaborating in conservation effort: the Orme Family, Central Arizona Land Trust’s Orme Ranch Forever Campaign, the Arizona Land and Water Trust, USDA Natural Resources and Conservation Service, the Biophilia Foundation, Orme School alumni, Candela Renewables, and numerous other private donors.

“I fully support the Orme Conservation Easement,” said Yavapai County Supervisor James Gregory.  “This important effort will help keep this beautiful area rural, and it will preserve the legacy of the Orme Ranch for future generations.”

The Central Arizona Land Trust will hold the Conservation Easement, with the responsibility to oversee the terms of the easement in perpetuity.  The easement was funded through private donations and matching grant funds from the USDA.

“Candela is honored to contribute to the Orme Ranch Forever Campaign through our Agua Fria Solar Project,” said Nik Novograd, Candela Renewables Co-Founder and CFO.  “This easement demonstrates that solar development can enable conservation of Arizona’s historic ranchlands and help to preserve watersheds and wildlife habitat.”

With the Conservation Easement, Orme Ranch will remain a working ranch operating on nearly 26,000 acres. Retaining this agricultural land use will prevent all disturbance on the 907 acres under conservation easement, ensuring it will never be subdivided or developed beyond what currently exists to run the ranch operations.

Video Credits:
“I am Ash Creek” a treatment by Stuart Rosebrook, PhD and Jeb J. Rosebrook
Written by Jeb, Stuart and Keith Woods
Narrated by Keith Woods
Photography and Editing by Anthony Canales and Keith Woods
Key Grip – Max Woods
Produced by KB Woods Public Relations (www.kbwoods.com)

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