Protected Land


Located in the Rogers Lake Floodplain

At 254 acres, Frontiere Phase I Conservation Easement was acquired in June 2019.

The Property’s ecological diversity and scenic values derive from its unique location in the Rogers Lake floodplain. The viewshed from the Property extends for a number of miles in all directions, particularly to the north, where views of the San Francisco Peaks (15 miles distant) are common on clear days.

Notable vegetation types include Ponderosa pine, with an element of pinyon, juniper, and oak woodlands, which are distributed on the margins of the Rogers Lake floodplain. The Property also contains montane grasslands that are found growing above flooded areas and as an understory component to larger trees (pines, pinyons, junipers, and oaks).

The property is not open to public access. Please respect the rights of the landowner.

Protected Lands in the area

CALT works with private landowners to develop conservation easements that protect open space, wildlife habitat, scenic views, and working farms and ranches in perpetuity.

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