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Central Arizona Land Trust

CALT: A Dedicated Arizona Non-Profit Protecting Beloved Landscapes.

CALT is a nationally accredited Arizona non-profit dedicated to protecting the landscapes we all love. There are 1000 local land trusts protecting more than 61,000,000 acres of open space for future generations.

We believe that our quality of life is rooted in the love for our western landscapes. These open lands serve many purposes, from retaining farms and ranches, to providing rich resources for wildlife while supporting clean air and healthy watersheds. We work primarily with private landowners to develop conservation easements to protect these beautiful places for our enjoyment today and for future generations.

The History and Accomplishments of Central Arizona Land Trust (CALT).

In 1989, a bulldozer began carving out new home sites at the foot of Thumb Butte, a cherished scenic historic landmark overlooking the City of Prescott. Alarmed citizens contacted the Trust for Public Land, which assisted in establishing the Central Arizona Land Trust (CALT) as the first local land trust in northern Arizona. Funds were raised through the “Save the Butte” capital campaign to purchase the land as open space for the City of Prescott with CALT holding the perpetual conservation easement to ensure that the scenic vistas of Thumb Butte are protected forever.

Today, CALT holds conservation easements on over 6,000 acres that include a combination of privately owned and public lands as well working ranches.

Conservation Easements: A Crucial Tool for Protecting Land and Wildlife.

A commonly used land protection tool is a conservation easement. As a voluntary agreement between the landowner and the land trust, the conservation easement limits development and protects the documented conservation values such as riparian habitat, wildlife corridors, and agricultural uses.

A conservation easement guarantees the permanent protection of landscapes with multiple conservation values, even through changes of ownership. Conservation easements are specific to each property and are used to protect land under a broad continuum of uses, from working farms and ranches to riparian habitats and wildlife corridors.

Conservation easements may be eligible for tax benefits. In 2015, Congress voted to approve the enhanced tax incentive for the donation of a conservation easement to a qualified organization. As an accredited, 501 (c) (3) Arizona non-profit land trust, the Central Arizona Land Trust is a qualified organization as required by the tax code.

CALT’s Conservation Efforts in Central Arizona’s Diverse Landscapes and Communities

CALT works in three counties throughout Central Arizona, including Yavapai, Coconino, and Maricopa. Our efforts to protect important open lands encompass a broad range of landscapes from Arizona’s Sonoran Desert to rolling grasslands and high mountain forests. Our efforts also include  the Mogollon Rim, the Central Highlands, and the Colorado Plateau region. Our service area contains some of Arizona’s greatest rivers, including the Verde, Salt, and Agua Fria. Arizona’s most productive pine forests, rangelands and agricultural areas are found here, supporting local economies in a number of vibrant towns and small cities.

Protected lands in the area

CALT monitors each of our protected properties annually to assure the conservation values on the land remain protected.

Thumb Butte

At 6,514 feet, Thumb Butte, a prominent summit of volcanic origin, dominates the western skyline of Prescott, AZ, and serves as an iconic landmark for residents and visitors alike.

Boyle DeBusk

The 9.7 acre Boyle DeBusk Conservation Easement is an ecologically diverse and scenic natural area located approximately 1.5 miles southwest of downtown Prescott, AZ.

Granite Dells – Payne

The evolution of a once-popular private resort to public open space illustrates how the land trust works with landowners to preserve natural landscapes, history, and recreational opportunities.

Seven Spears Ranch

Located about 20 miles southwest of Prescott near the unincorporated town of Skull Valley, the Seven Spear Ranch affords sweeping views of Kirkland Peak towering above rich bottom lands with lush riparian vegetation.


At 254 acres, Frontiere was acquired in June 2019. The Property’s ecological diversity and scenic values derive from its unique location in the Rogers Lake floodplain.

Coldwater Farm

Nestled in the heart of Humboldt, the lushness of the Coldwater Farm allows you to feel as if you have entered the Secret Garden. The name was inspired by the flowing waters of the Agua Fria River that runs through the property.

Maya's Farm

Small but mighty, this picturesque 3.3-acre farm practices organic and sustainable production methods which result in healthy soil, and clean air, positively impacting carbon sequestration and climate change.

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