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Creating a Lasting Legacy of Conservation

Protect Your Family Lands with CALT’s Expert Guidance and Support.


At CALT we believe that protecting open space is crucial for preserving Arizona’s unique landscapes and cultural heritage. That’s why we work closely with willing landowners to provide the necessary technical support and linkage to resources to permanently protect working lands, riparian areas, historic land marks through customized conservation easements.
With our expert guidance, land owners create a lasting legacy of conservation to benefit future generations and help ensure long term health and stability of our communities. Join us in our mission to protect Arizona’s wide open spaces today.

Our Mission

Preserving Arizona’s Natural and Cultural Heritage for Future Generations

Saving The Places We All Love

Join us in creating a lasting legacy of conservation and preserving Arizona’s natural beauty and cultural heritage for generations to come.


Meet Our Team

Our team consists of community leaders who serve on our board of directors as well as a cadre of conservation specialists who work with land owners, governmental agencies and private funders to protect the places we all love.

Explore Our Successes

Our portfolio showcases a variety of conservation projects that demonstrate our commitment to preserving Arizona’s unique landscapes and cultural heritage.



Grasslands make up one third of Earth’s terrain.

They support biodiversity, act as carbon reservoirs and offer livelihoods to more billions of people. Yet grasslands are disappearing faster than forests all over the globe.

Let’s work together to preserve Arizona’s iconic grasslands.

Education & Partnerships

Jr. Rangers Program


One of the ways we can help sustain open space in the future is to educate children today on the wonders of being outdoors.

Join the Junior Ranger Program via City of Prescott designed with guardians and parents in mind.

Current Campaign:

Date Creek Ranch

Date Creek is a rare oasis in an arid, high desert environment. It is a tributary of the Santa Maria River and part of the Bill Williams River watershed, in southwestern Yavapai County. The area straddles a transition zone between the Mohave and Sonoran deserts, where large Joshua trees and saguaro cactus thrive. Elevations range from 2500’ in the lower desert to 4500’ feet on nearby Date Creek Mountain.

Campaign SUCCESS:

Orme Ranch

CALT is excited to announce a chance to conserve Orme Ranch, one of Arizona’s oldest ranches, permanently. NRCS has provided most of the funding to obtain a conservation easement to secure its agricultural use. Central Arizona Land Trust, a nationally accredited land trust, will hold and enforce the easement forever.

Protected Lands in the Area

CALT monitors each of our protected properties annually to assure the conservation values on the land remain protected.

Thumb Butte

At 6,514 feet, Thumb Butte, a prominent summit of volcanic origin, dominates the western skyline of Prescott, AZ, and serves as an iconic landmark for residents and visitors alike.

Boyle DeBusk

The 9.7 acre Boyle DeBusk Conservation Easement is an ecologically diverse and scenic natural area located approximately 1.5 miles southwest of downtown Prescott, AZ.

Granite Dells – Payne

The evolution of a once-popular private resort to public open space illustrates how the land trust works with landowners to preserve natural landscapes, history, and recreational opportunities.

Seven Spears Ranch

Located about 20 miles southwest of Prescott near the unincorporated town of Skull Valley, the Seven Spear Ranch affords sweeping views of Kirkland Peak towering above rich bottom lands with lush riparian vegetation.


At 254 acres, Frontiere was acquired in June 2019. The Property’s ecological diversity and scenic values derive from its unique location in the Rogers Lake floodplain.

Coldwater Farm

Nestled in the heart of Humboldt, the lushness of the Coldwater Farm allows you to feel as if you have entered the Secret Garden. The name was inspired by the flowing waters of the Agua Fria River that runs through the property.

Maya's Farm

Small but mighty, this picturesque 3.3-acre farm practices organic and sustainable production methods which result in healthy soil, and clean air, positively impacting carbon sequestration and climate change.

Join Us in Our Mission

Help Us Save The Places We All Love

If you're passionate about preserving Arizona's natural and cultural heritage, then support the Central Arizona Land Trust today. Whether you're interested in making a donation, or learning more about conservation easements, we offer a range of opportunities for you to get involved.

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